This year, Resolve to Save 50% on Battery Banks!

Buy any qualifying off-grid system and save thousands!

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50% Off
Battery Banks


50% Off
Battery Banks


50% Off
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Battery Banks


50% off select battery banks with any off-grid system cabin size or larger.

This year, make a New Year’s Resolution that will stick—resolve to get off the grid... and get 50% off your battery bank for your system. Depending on the size of your system, you could save thousands of dollars or more!

Sure, you could tell yourself you’re going to fix that old truck… Or finally clear the backlot…

OR you could finally decide to become your own power company with a move to off-grid solar… and big savings on battery banks. No matter how many batteries your chosen system needs—four, eight, sixteen, twenty-four or more—we’ll give them to you AT 50% OFF.

Sale ends January 26, 2018. Simply fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-800-472-1142 to qualify. Act quickly; supplies are limited.

  • 50% off WSS recommended battery banks
  • 25% off Simpliphi batteries with system purchase, sizing restrictions apply
  • 10% off any WSS battery bank for replacements and upgrades on existing systems
  • For package systems of cabin-size and larger
  • Credit card payment OK

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